Get your guitar off the ground, like literally, with the Fender Guitar Pick Shape Guitar Hanger. As the name implies, it is not just a guitar hanger, but one that says it is one.

Fender Guitar Pick Shape Guitar Hanger

How? By giving it the classic Fender 351 guitar pick-shaped decorative wall plate. Available in three three colors: Maple, Mahogany, and Black, each finished in matte texture.

Each uses a different type of wood. The Mahogany further features a single-ply tortoise shell pick guard cover, just like the good’ol classic pick.

Fender Guitar Pick Shape Guitar Hanger

Fender Guitar Pick Shape Guitar Hanger is compatible with almost all type of head stock shapes – from wide to narrow – with padded pivoting head stock yoke to ensure straight handing.

Each guitar hanger comes with mounting hardware.

Get it from Fender shop for just US$29.99.

Images: Fender [US].

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