If you think 2020 isn’t a hell so far, then you may want to take up this offer by John Colone, the self-proclaimed “mayor of Hell” and the “biggest Halloween fan in the world (and the underworld).”

Hell on Airbnb Invites You To Become “Mayor of Hell”

Halloween may be out this year, but Colone wants to keep the spirit alive by inviting Michigan residents to become mayor of Hell in a listing Hell on Airbnb. Absolutely no election necessary.

By taking up this US$31 a night stay, you will temporary assume the role of mayor of Hell where you get to experience, well, Hell on Earth. Duh. Thankfully, nothing bad will happen. Instead you will get to lord over the residence ghouls and goblins. Wait. What? That’s a figure of speech only, right???

Hell on Airbnb Invites You To Become “Mayor of Hell”

Anyways, guests will be treated to a Hellish luxurious stay where you can explore the Hellish town and indulge in activities like eating at the Hell Hole Diner, take a spooky stroll through the scenic hiking trails, cozy around a fire pit, watch a horror flick or two on the outdoor movie screen, and more.

If that sounds like a helluva fun to you and you are totally down, you may request to book your stay beginning on October 14 at 12PM EST on Airbnb. There’s a catch here, though. Only Michigan residents are invited to book for one of three individual, one-night stay that will take place on October 18, 21, and 24.

Hell on Airbnb Invites You To Become “Mayor of Hell”
We forgot to mention it’s a tiny house.

As with any Airbnb stay, your stay there won’t turn into actual hell because of COVID-19. The place will be be cleaned prior to your arrival in accordance with Airbnb’s Enhanced Cleaning Protocol.

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Learn more over at Hell on Airbnb listing.

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