You have heard of Miami Sound Machine… Wait, no? Too young, huh? Never mind because there is the Paladone Marvel Sound Effects Machine. But it is definitely not a band playing Mos Eisley Cantina Band music. Wait. Different Disney’s company? Damn it, Disney. You own too many things we love! Ugh.

Paladone Marvel Sound Effects Machine

Anyhoo, Paladone Marvel Sound Effects Machine is, as the name implies, a sound effects box. That’s it. A Sound Effect Box. Nothing more, nothing less. It is just a basic box with a built-in speaker and eight buttons on it, each with a corresponding logo of the character.

It will play eight official signature character sounds, including adolescent Groot saying “I am Groot”, Iron Man’s launch sound, Captain America’s shield toss, the sound of Thor’s hammer, Hulk’s smash, the Spider-Man web sound, Hawkeye’s arrow shot, or the darts from Falcon’s wings.

Paladone Marvel Sound Effects Machine

Until this thing came along, I never knew sound effects could be sold. And I have absolutely no idea Hawkeye’s arrow and the darts from Falcon’s wings do in fact have sound.

If you are so enamored you can pick up the Paladone Marvel Sound Effects Machine from Amazon UK for £9.99 or Firebox for US$19.

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