Even before eVTOL becomes a norm, an aerospace startup is already planning to introduce what it called “flying electric hypercar.” And the startup, called Urban eVTOL (UEV), is not started by just anyone; it is by VTOL and eVTOL inventor, Pete Bitar, who has more than 14 patents under his belt.

Urban eVTOL Leo Flying Electric Hypercar

Never mind the risks, like collisions and such, of “mass flying” have not been fully mitigated, UEV is already planning on pushing the envelope of eVTOL speed limit with its three-seat “flying hypercar”, called Leo, to a super-fast 400 km/h (249 mph). That, btw, is faster than a Cessna 172 and extremely fast by current eVTOL standards.

It is not just the speed it has to offer. The aesthetic of the air vehicle itself looks the part of hyper – thanks to the magic weaved by automotive designer, Carlos Salaff, whose portfolio includes Mazda Nagare, Furai, 3, and MX-5.

Urban eVTOL Leo Flying Electric Hypercar

Leo’s propulsion system, which consists of sixteen 10 kW vertical thrusters and six 11-inch jets with turbine blades, has reportedly been awarded funding by DARPA.

Its futuristic look is lent to it by the unique double box-wing design that is there to support horizontal flight when the vehicle reaches around 180 km/h (112 mph). Moreover, Leo will be compact enough to fit into “most 2-car garages.”

Urban eVTOL Leo Flying Electric Hypercar

Needless to say, it will be a while before we see a prototype and test flights. Meanwhile, you can learn more about this exciting new “flying car” in an article posted on The Driven and New Atlas as well as on Urban eVTOL website.

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Images: Urban eVTOL via New Atlas.

via The Driven.

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