usually, the for an auto car interior customizer, the logical move is either to venture into yacht or aircraft customization but that norm does not applies to Bulgarian customizer, Vilner. they have taken a dip in customizing an iconic bike and this one-off project is Aprilia Tuono 1000R, reborn as a Vilner Aprilia Stingray custom motorcycle. and judging from their website, the Stingray is not the first and will not be the last of the two-wheeled beast we will see from Vilner. working with bike customizer Galaxy Custom, the Stingray received several enhancements including a longer body for improved stance, a brand new front fender, reworked headlamps (while retaining the original twin lamps), LED turn signals, all new side spoilers with dual vents for heat dissipation, tinted taillights, a futuristic redesigned fuel, black bike frame, spruced up wheels and last but not least, seat and the sides leading up the seat are reupholstered by the Bulgarian customizer. beauty is nothing without brawl and for that, the Vilner Aprilia Stingray Custom Motorcycle received a power bump by 10 percent to match its aggressively beautiful look. Vilner has not put a price tag to the Stingray to date and hence, it is also a mystery as to whether the Vilner Aprilia Stingray will be made available at all.

Vilner Custom via Luxatic

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