when we see a beautiful concept we are both excited and skeptical at the same time. excited for obvious reasons and skeptical cos’ chances are of it appearing in the market ranks pretty high. we just hope the Marantz Consolette Wireless Speaker dock featured here won’t be such a case. the brainchild behind this awesome audiophile device is Amsterdam-based Feiz Design Studio who have had their hands on a bunch of cool products including the recent Denon Cocoon sound dock. based on a V-shaped wedge design that directs its 150 watts of audio goodness outwards, offering a room-filling sound experience. though refreshing and outstanding, the design doesn’t detract unique aesthetic characteristic of Marantz. other features include specially developed BMR drivers for 180-degree sound dispersion, an internal isolating cabinet enclosure design that insures powerful hi-fi audio regardless where you are in the room, integration with your home wireless network with a press of a button and wireless audio streaming via Apple’s AirPlay, as well as DLNA for Android and Windows devices. all these accomplishments are packed into a beautiful enclosure that comprises of piano-finish walnut for rear cabinet, hair-line brushed solid aluminum for the main chassis, vibration dampening tri-feet and and sound-transparent fabrics. beauty, it is but no words when the Marantz Consolette Wireless Speaker dock by Feiz Design Studio will be made or how much it will cost if it eventually does hit the shelves. nevertheless, we shall wait and see. in the mean time, do check out a few more images of this awesome system below or learn more about the Consolette Wireless Speaker Dock HERE.

Feiz Design Studio via DesignBoom

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