judging from the box office taking of The Hobbit, it is safe to say there is a huge following of the J.R.R Tolkien’s works and/or Peter Jackson screen adaptation of the book. either way, huge following it might have but just how many avid Hobbit fans are willing to part with $9,900 for a replica of the Orcrist The Sword of Thorin Oakenshield or more affectionally known by the middle-earthlings as the ‘goblin cleaver’ (for obvious reason), remains to be seen. designed by Weta senior concept designer Paul Tobin and crafted by Master Swordsmith Peter Lyon at Weta Workshop in Paradise of the Pacific, New Zealand, where the props from the movie set The Hobbit were born. the Orcrist is the fifth sword in Weta’s Master Swordsmith’s Collection and is a culmination of sword making, metal crafting and wood working techniques, and features etched blade made from tempered spring steel, dragon’s tooth grip case from CC60 urethane, four cubic zirconia gemstones inlaid on its pommel (end of the handle), an optional scabbard made from white oak and steel attached to an embossed leather belt with straps and buckles, a beautiful wooden display case, Certificate of Authenticity signed by Richard Taylor and Peter Lyon and last but not least, you will get to choose your preferred ‘edition number’. you can order your Orcrist The Sword of Thorin Oakenshield via email from Weta official web store.

Weta via Luxury Launches

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