something that we take for granted may actually be an eyesore for the ultra-minimalist individuals. if you fall you into that ‘ultra-minimalist’ faction, then we are pretty sure you are one of those who view table legs as a pain in the butt. if so, why not do without the legs completely and go for the Minimal Float Wall Desk instead? the Minimal Float Wall Desk mounts easily to any wall type (though we suspect a non-reinforced false wall is not a good idea) and sports a few nifty (and stylish) features that makes us go woo-ah. it has a slide out tray of sort for your keyboard or to temporarily expand your tabletop real estate when working and stow away to maintain the minimalist appearance and of course, free up a little more space. inline with its clutter-free outlook is a built-in cable management slot that let you tuck the necessary evil (i.e. the cables) out of sight. the Minimal Float Wall Desk can be mounted for standing or seated use (obviously) and comes in two attractive, natural finishes: walnut or rift oak. it used to cost a bomb to own this baby but now the Minimal Float Wall Desk can be yours for a discounted sticker of $699. the table measures 60″ wide by 8″ high (or thick, depends on how you see it) and 18″ deep (about 152 x 20 x 46 in centimeters) and tips the scale at just 52 lbs (about 24 kilograms), and it is said that it is sturdy enough for a full desktop station. click through for a few more look.

dlab shop via BlessThisStuff

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