So you think Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is very high-tech? Well then, like me, you probably haven’t heard of the Tineco Moda One Hair Dryer yet. Tineco Moda One Hair Dryer is not just a pretty looking hair dryer; it can pick out the hair moisture level and adjust the heat and air speed accordingly.

Tineco Moda One Hair Dryer

Now that, my friends, is a high-tech hair dryer. Moda One uses a thing called iLoop Smart Sensor Technology that measures your hair moisture levels over 20 times per second and based on that data, it automatically adjusts the heat level and the airflow speed – in real-time, to dry your hair optimally.

Moreover, it claims to come equipped with anion concentration technology that releases millions of ions as you dry your hair for, in the words of the company, “increased manageability, protection, and shine.”

Tineco Moda One Hair Dryer

As a blow drying device, it is outfitted with a digital motor with 13 impeller blades that can spin up to 105,000 rpm. That, combined with a so-called Airflow Concentration Technology, allows for a high-velocity stream of controlled air for rapid drying and precise styling, said the company.

Other notables include intelligent noise optimization for ultra-quiet operation, lightweight construction, cool shot button, a colored iLoop LED light ring for real-time drying feedback, and an 8.8-foot long tangle-free “professional” power cord.

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Tineco Moda One Hair Dryer

And did we mention that it is app-enabled too? Using the app, you can pick from a list of pre-programmed drying modes – including one for pets. Yes, even that.

Tineco Moda One Hair Dryer comes with three magnetic attachments, including a smoothing nozzle, styling concentrator, as well as a diffuser to dry and style all types of hair.

If you are sold by the idea, you may want to consider picking up the new Tineco Moda One Hair Dryer from for US$299. Yeah, it is a hair-grooming enthusiasts level of pricing, but nevertheless cheaper than Dyson’s.

Tineco Moda One Hair Dryer

Images: Tineco.

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