Xiaomi Is Crowdfunding A Hand Dryer / Hairdryer Hybrid Device Called Deerma DEM-GS100

Xiaomi is not just a handset maker. It is also the maker of everything under the sun, including some pretty odd gadgets such as this Deerma Multi-function Dryer DEM-GS100. Deerma DEM-GS100 is a 2-in-1 device.

Luxury Comes To Hair Dryer With Dyson Supersonic That Has Real Gold

Do the world needs a gold hair dryer? Probably not. But like there will always be the needy, there will always be Scrooge McDuckians out there who need a very high-tech and very expensive hair dryer, made even more expensive by the Midas Touch of a master gilder. The very expensive hair dryer we are […]

Luke, i am your father and i am a hairdryer too!

i confess. i was tired from a day’s running and thought of calling it a day, until i saw this shiny gadget. i am a Star Wars fan (note: just a fan, not a nerd or geek) and this hairdryer, dubbed the Dart Hairdryer, based on the evil sith’s mask has exerted its dark force on me, pulling me towards it and…