Tineco Moda One Is A High-tech Hair Dryer That May Give Dyson A Run For Its Money

So you think Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is very high-tech? Well then, like me, you probably haven’t heard of the Tineco Moda One Hair Dryer yet. Tineco Moda One Hair Dryer is not just a pretty looking hair dryer; it can pick out the hair moisture level and adjust the heat and air speed accordingly.

Luxury Comes To Hair Dryer With Dyson Supersonic That Has Real Gold

Do the world needs a gold hair dryer? Probably not. But like there will always be the needy, there will always be Scrooge McDuckians out there who need a very high-tech and very expensive hair dryer, made even more expensive by the Midas Touch of a master gilder. The very expensive hair dryer we are …

Luke, i am your father and i am a hairdryer too!

i confess. i was tired from a day’s running and thought of calling it a day, until i saw this shiny gadget. i am a Star Wars fan (note: just a fan, not a nerd or geek) and this hairdryer, dubbed the Dart Hairdryer, based on the evil sith’s mask has exerted its dark force on me, pulling me towards it and…

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