L’Oréal AirLight Pro Professional-grade Hairdryer

Dyson may know how to leverage air to dry hair but the real pros in hair management, L’Oréal, has other ideas on how your lustrous locks should be dried without hurting it and that is by using light. Not just any light, of course. It’s infrared light.

L’Oréal AirLight Pro Professional-grade Hairdryer

Folks, this is the L’Oréal AirLight Pro Professional-grade hair care tool developed in partnership with hardware startup Zuvi. It is the first professional hairdryer from L’Oréal Professional powered by infrared light technology that offers a targeted energy source that is more powerful and ermm, “respectful”?

Not sure how “respectful” works out. I am guessing it is respectful of your hair and the environment. I could be wrong. Anyhoo, AirLight Pro promises to dry your locks faster, leaving them smooth, and hydrated, all without damaging your hair and consuming less energy.

L’Oréal AirLight Pro Professional-grade Hairdryer

Instead of going on with a thesis-long essay on what this ground-breaking hairdryer can do, here’s the lowdown:

AirLight Pro Features:

  • Developed with Zuvi, a team of genius drone engineers and scientists.
  • Uses fancy infrared-light tech and wind wizardry for quick, beautiful results.
  • Saves energy, reducing consumption by up to 31%.
  • L’Oréal’s CEO, Nicolas Hieronimus, revealed this beauty game-changer.
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The Science Behind the Magic:

  • Zuvi’s LightCare tech combines infrared light and wind to keep your hair hydrated.
  • Over 100 experts came together to create this sleek, high-performance design.

Why It’s a Must-Have:

  • Leaves your hair up to 33% more hydrated and 59% smoother.
  • No hair frying here – it dries without excessive heat.
  • Tested on 500+ people with different hair types, so it’s for everyone.

The Future of Hair Drying:

  • Barbara Lavernos, from L’Oréal, says it’s a beauty breakthrough that cares for your hair and the planet.
  • Get ready for fabulous hair days in 2024! 💇‍♀️💨✨

L’Oréal Groupe unveiled the AirLight Pro at the world’s biggest consumer electronics show, CES 2024, in Las Vegas.

L’Oréal AirLight Pro Professional-grade Hairdryer

Images: L’Oréal.