Can a round dinning table expands? Of course, it can, but can it maintain the round form when expanded? About that… the norm is, it usually becomes oblong shaped, or oval in best case scenario. However, one furniture company in the UK, Johnson Furniture, has one that expands while maintaining the circular form. Well, almost. But it is the best there is if you wish for round dinning table that will, after expanding, more or less maintain the roundness.

Johnson Furniture Expanding Circular Dinning Table

In retrospect, it is quite amazing that it is even achievable. From the looks of it, the mechanic behind it is quite complex, but fortunately for users, getting it from small to big and vice versa is not hard at all, as George Johnson himself demonstrated in the video below. To achieve this feat, the table top is segmented into six sections. When the table is turned clockwise, the six segments move radially outward and a hexagon piece in the center rises, along with six folded oblong pieces, rise from below.

Johnson Furniture Expanding Circular Dinning Table

Once all pieces are inline, the user can then unfold the oblong sections and close up any gap in between by turning the table top counter clockwise. While the intention is clearly to get more table top real estate, I can’t help but see DaVinci’s magic in it. The transformation is quite mesmerizing (at least it is to me). Johnson Furniture Expanding Circular Dinning Table does reminiscent that of opening of some secret chambers as fantasied by so many fictional movies and novels.

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Johnson Furniture Expanding Circular Dinning Table

And now for the good news. Johnson Furniture Expanding Circular Dinning Table is something you can buy, albeit at quite a high cost. They are available in a choice of finishes, priced between £9,000 and £14,500 (about US$11,000-19,000), depending on the size.

Images: Johnson Furniture.

Source: Laughing Squid.

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