Louis Vuitton has never known for sneakers. Perhaps, that will change with Virgil Abloh’s involvement? Likely. Perhaps starting with the Louis Vuitton Chunky “Zig Zag” Skate Shoes. This pair is the first kicks to debut since after the founder of street wear label Off-White took the post as the artistic director at the Parisian fashion house. Normally, I am not awe by designer sneakers. To me, a true sneakers is one that come from sport equipment makers, but I do find the Louis Vuitton Chunky “Zig Zag” Skate Shoes quite a sight to behold.

Louis Vuitton Chunky “Zig Zag” Skate Shoes

Though I have to admit that it will take a while for me to get use to having designer label on a very sporty looking shoes. Granted, designer sneakers aren’t new. The Louis Vuitton Chunky “Zig Zag” Skate Shoes takes on a very bold design with a new “Zig Zag” silhouette across the sides and thick meshed tough that has rubberized LV’s branding stuck on it. The colors and materials are no tame either. Two colorways are being presented: a metallic silver with a hint of blue gradient and a less in-your-face black and blue model.

The chunky form and the shiny patent leather on the silver model makes it looked like shoes of the future while the blue/blue variety looks more down-to-earth. I can almost imagine folks of the future wearing this, paired to a shiny silver suit. Just a thought there. No words on when will the pair be pushed out onto the market, netter was the pricing hinted.

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Louis Vuitton Chunky “Zig Zag” Skate Shoes

Images and source: Sneakers News.

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