When I first saw the Roidmi A100 Hair Dryer, I need to do a double-take because it does not even look like it is a hairdryer. Its super-compact design does not have the typical handgun design found in hairdryers. I thought it looks like very much like a baton.

Roidmi A100 Hair Dryer Indiegogo

Notwithstanding its lightweight (330g) and super duper compact design (38 x 49.7 x 243 mm), the 104,000 RPM digital motor, with AirTurbo air boosting technology, is capable of delivering powerful airflow of 64 m/s and releasing 10 million units/cm3 negatively charged ions while doing so.

Roidmi said it would take the A100 about a minute to completely dry short hair and around 5 minutes for long hair.

Roidmi A100 Hair Dryer Indiegogo

The hairdryer offers two speeds and three temperatures while NTC smart constant temperature control constantly monitors the ambient temperature at the air outlet and automatically adjusts the airflow temperature in real-time to prevent overheating and causing burns.

Like most hairdryers, it has interchangeable attachments. But the difference is, the attachments are magnetic, making it a brisk to switch the nozzles. Finally, it has an air inlet with double-layered filter grilles on the handle to prevent hair from being sucked in.

Roidmi A100 Hair Dryer Indiegogo

The Roidmi A100 Hair Dryer is so lightweight and compact that is perfect for traveling and the included PU leather travel bag is crafted with this in mind. For home use, there is a neat wall mount accessory too.

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If you are sold, you may pick up the Roidmi A100 Hair Dryer from Indiegogo as a pre-order for US$199 and up.

Roidmi A100 Hair Dryer Indiegogo

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