Dyson Supersonic r Hairdryer

If you haven’t already heard, Dyson has a new hairdryer. If you are expecting the same old Supersonic aesthetic that has been in use since its launch in 2016, well, you’d be disappointed. For this new advancement in hair drying tech, dubbed Supersonic r, Dyson completely flipped the script on hair drying with a device that looks more like a bent tube than a traditional hair dryer.

Dyson Supersonic r Hairdryer

The new look gave the hairdryer the small letter ‘r’ appearance, hence the product name Supersonic r. Why do I have a feeling that this design will be copied by the industry? Anyhoo, it has shed a lot of weight in the process too, now weighing almost half of the original at just 325g (that’s about 11.5 ounces).

One of the major advancements is in the heating department. Dyson managed to shrink the heating element which consists of 99.9% copper microfins lined along the pipe’s curve. This setup eliminates turbulence and ensures the delivery of even heat with no hot spots.

Powering the device is an upgraded Hyperdymium motor which is just about the diameter of the tube-style hairdryer, and significantly tinier than the Supersonic’s motor.

Dyson Supersonic r Hairdryer

The high-tech wizardry did not stop at the motor or the heat elements; thanks to the RFID sensor, this new kid in the hair grooming block automatically recognizes the attachment and instantly does the correct setting for that attachment, so that there’s no need to mess with the setting. Oh, it also remembers your settings for the next time, well, that’s for those who tweaked the settings anyway.

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Speaking of attachments, the Supersonic r comes with a couple of magnetic accessories including a standard gentle attachment, a diffuser to boost your curls, and a professional concentrator.

As before, controls are within the thumb’s reach. With a flick of your thumb, you can toggle between three airflow settings and four heat modes, including an instant cool shot for setting your style.

Dyson Supersonic r Hairdryer

Finally, there is the revamped air filter at the base pulls double duty by capturing salon pollutants and lasting longer than ever. Oh, we forgot to mention that it is pretty darn quiet too. You’d be able to carry out a conversation without screaming when blow drying at gentle mode.

Before you go all ga-ga and reach out for your credit card, you ought to know that the Dyson Supersonic r Hairdryer is not available to general consumers yet.

It is currently being offered to professional stylists and if you are one of them who is willing to drop 570 dollars for a unit, then feel free to join the waitlist.

Dyson Supersonic r Hairdryer

Images: Dyson.

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