Panasonic nanoe Hairdryer EH-NA67-W

Hair grooming. The age-long obsession of women and some men is getting high-tech attention with this new hairdryer from Panasonic, Panasonic nanoe Hair Dryer EH-NA67-W that features patented nanoe technology promised to reduce hair damage from everyday brushing.

The new Panasonic nanoe Hair Dryer EH-NA67-W boasts a newly developed oscillating quick-dry nozzle for gentler and effortless drying. Each unit comes with three attachments (and no, we are not talking about vacuum cleaner here), namely, Professional concentrator nozzle, Diffuser and the aforementioned Oscillating quick-dry nozzle.

Panasonic nanoe Hairdryer EH-NA67-W

Here’s what each nozzle does:

Oscillating quick-dry nozzle – evenly distributes the heat generated from the hair drying process to prevent concentrated heat blasts and reduce the chance of overheating hair, as well as distribute the nanoe™ more widely.

Concentrator nozzle – has a professional narrow tip that applies airflow more intensely to create finer styling areas.

Diffuser – disperses airflow more liberally for wavy or curly hair types and to add more volume.”

Clearly, we are drawn to the design which kind of reminds us of the Beluga – both the whale and Airbus’ aircraft parts-carrying cargo aircraft. Aesthetic aside, the real star feature is the nanoe technology.

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According to Panasonic, nanoe technology draws moisture from the air to create tiny, moisture-rich particles that are small enough to penetrate hair shafts which helps to protect the hair against damage from everyday styling and brushing while enhancing smoothness and shine.

Anywho… these particles are almost 1,000 times more moisture-packed than the general negative ions featured in most modern-day hair dryers.

A few other features include smooth-sliding switches for temperature and speed adjustment, cool shot button for instant cool flow of air, and it is totally pet-friendly too.

Panasonic nanoe Hair Dryer EH-NA67-W is being showcased at this year’s all-digital CES 2021 and it will be available to buy via for US$149.99 a pop sometime at the end of January 2021.

Image credit: Panasonic Corporation of North America.