Personal Drone Detection System

are you dronephobic? no? you really should cos’ most drones today are not only easily accessible, easy to fly, but they are well capable of carrying cameras and a host of other surveillance equipment that could invade your privacy. surely, no one would enjoy staying away their backyards or keep their curtains drawn just to avoid being ‘spy’ on whether for fun or whatever. on the other hand, if you are dronephobic, then the Personal Drone Detection System might just be your new found best friend. drone detection isn’t the newest new, but until now, there hasn’t any solution that’s specifically geared towards personal use like the Personal Drone Detection System.

the system comprises of three devices: a primary command and control module and a pair of detection sensor nodes that uses both transmitter detection and motion detection sensors which enable it to differentiate flying birds from potential eyes in the sky. the three devices, or boxes as the firm likes to call them, forms a mesh grid network that can triangulate moving transmitters. the primary command and control module is capable of communicating with nodes up to 200 feet away and each node is able to detect drones within a radius of 50 feet, which should be more than enough for a standard size home. if a bigger coverage is needed to secure an insanely large Scrooge McDuckian real estate, all you have to do is to add more nodes to widen the mesh network.

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when a drone comes into the said range and is not intentionally ignored by you, the system will set of an alarm to alert you and since it also interface with your smart devices such as smartphone or tablet via WiFi, it can also send you a text message informing you on the intrusion, so that you will be aware even if you are away from your pad. the Personal Drone Detection System is basically a passive measure; as all it does is alerting you so that you don’t do anything silly that could be caught on camera. in another words, you can’t really do much except to know there is an intrusion. unlike military, you can’t shoot down rouge drones or unleash your own drones to ‘take out the threat’ as you wish, though we bet some folks would very much love to.

another thing is, it won’t help you to detect a Predator coming your way and if there’s one heading towards you, then you are probably at the wrong place, at the wrong time. anyways, the Personal Drone Detection System is product of APlus Mobile and it is currently up on Kickstarter seeking financial backing to make the system a reality. if you think you are dronephobic, then you might want to consider supporting APlus’ endeavor. a pledge of at least $499 will secure yourself a system – IF the campaign hits its modest funding goal of $8,500. however, judging by the response thus far, we guess most Americans aren’t that dronephobic as yet.