Bauhütte Gaming Bed Concept Setup

It looks like the future of gaming is not as alive like Ready Player One. Japanese gaming furniture company Bauhütte may have just offer us an insight into the future of gaming, a decidedly WALL·E prediction come true.

How so? Well, because, gaming bed. A freaking Gaming. Bed. Let that sink in a moment. And we thought a computer workstation/gaming setup with reclining throne is ridiculous… Bauhütte just took it to the next level.

This is even more dystopia than it was in Ready Player One. A system designed to let you sleep, eat and game all without having to get out of the bed until you need to take a piss or dump.

Thankfully, the entire setup is just a proposition by Bauhütte as a means to sell its products like bed end computer desk, keyboard desk, snack trolley, tablet holder with bendable metal arm, headboard with integrated shelving, more racks for more consumables, and even wearable gaming blanket and beanie.

Bauhütte Gaming Bed may be a concept, but the seed of a dystopia gaming future has been sowed and I am pretty sure somewhere, some gamers are going to make it happen with or without Bauhütte’s furniture.

Images: Bauhütte [JP].

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