Cilek Kids Room Pirate Shark Desk

Pinkfong’s Baby Shark is a distraction to your child if you want to get him or her get down to business of homework. This shark, however, will not. It is a shark desk, or a Pirate Shark Desk from Cilek to be exact.

Cilek Kids Room Pirate Shark Desk

I am not sure if the menacing yet cartoonish gaping jaw of a shark will help to encourage your young one to pay attention to his/her homework, but it sure beats the cutesy, overly catchy Pinkfong’s variety.

And what’s the deal with shark and pirates anyways? I mean, Pirate Shark Desk, as the name implies, is part of Cilek Kids Room’s Pirate theme collection. I imagine the association between shark and pirates are a plank over it. Just saying…

Anywho, in addition to the awesome molded shark body, the upper enamels of this apex predator of the sea also doubles as reading lights. Absolutely brilliant. Makes a grown-ass man like me want one too.

Get yours on or on Amazon for $592.54-$699. Yes. It is not cheap and obviously, you are going to spend a ton more because, surely you will want to complete the pirates’ den look like so:

Cilek Kids Room Pirate Shark Desk

Seriously, a standalone shark desk will look very out of place with say, a James Bond-inspired vintage Aston Martin kid’s bed, right?

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Images: Cilek Kids Room.

Source: The Awesomer.