James Bond-inspired Vintage Car Bed

James Bond never bother to hide the fact that he is a spy, which is mystifying because, he is supposed to be a secret agent. With this in mind, I would imagine that if he ever had kids, the Mi6 agent wouldn’t be hiding his status and would dive straight into getting his kid a bed designed after the most-identifiable-JamesBond equipment ever: the iconic Aston Martin DB5.

James Bond-inspired Vintage Car Bed

To be fair, its maker, Dragons of Walton Street, did not specifically said the Dragons VC150 kid’s bed was inspired by the DB5, but it sure looks like one to us. However, Dragons of Walton Street does not hide the fact that this super cool kid’s was “James Bond inspired.” And it also correctly refer it as a vintage car bed (wink wink).

It features fiberglass paneling, chrome detailing, tinted Perspex windows, faux leather upholstery lining and headboard, personalized license plate, and real rubber tires. Yes. Actual tires! That’s attention to detail, but lets not get ahead of ourselves because, it is a bed and it won’t drive.

It also comes with car keys which I don’t know why because, it is not even kiddie ride (nor does not drive). I guess it is for completeness’ sake. It has working headlights too, which I also don’t know why. Perhaps, it can serve as night lights for when little ones need to go pee pee?

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Each James Bond-inspired Vintage Car Bed comes with “exclusive, super soft bedding made from 100% cotton” plus a single 1000 pocket spring mattress. Sound effect is available, but that’s an option.

Just like you will expect of an actual Bond ride, this platform to la la land does not come cheap – not even close. It will run you back at a James Bond kind of cool £19,995 (VAT included), or about US$25,800 which is just 10 grand or so shy of a used Vantage in stateside. Let that sink in for moment.

James Bond-inspired Vintage Car Bed

Images: Dragons of Walton Street.

Source: Luxury Launches.