Eight Sleep Pod Pro Is Possibly The Most High-tech Bed/Mattress Money Can Buy

In then movie The Island, Lincoln Six-Echo (Ewan McGregor) had his pee immediately analyzed when he took a piss in the morning. The Pod Pro is not that, but I would think it is somewhere along the line.

Bauhütte Welcomes You To The Future Of Gaming With Gaming Bed. Yes, Seriously.

It looks like the future of gaming is not as alive like Ready Player One. Japanese gaming furniture company Bauhütte may have just offer us an insight into the future of gaming, a decidedly WALL·E prediction come true.

Here’s A James Bond-inspired Car Bed For Your Secret Agent Wannabe Child

James Bond never bother to hide the fact that he is a spy, which is mystifying because, he is supposed to be a secret agent. With this in mind, I would imagine that if he ever had kids, the Mi6 agent wouldn’t be hiding his status and would dive straight into getting his kid a […]

We Do Not Know If We Should Marvel Or Feel Sad That Under Desk Bed Exists

Not every company has sleep pods like NASA, Samsung and Google to let hardworking (read: overworked) employees take a wink. Over in Japan where white collar workers are known to have burned their ass off working, employees have to take it upon themselves if they want a nap.

Well, If This Isn’t The Crudest AT-AT-themed Bunk Bed…

All Star Wars fans have dreamed of getting onboard an AT-AT, but unless you are a friend of Colin Furze, the best the real world can offer is a good night sleep under or in an AT-AT Walker scale replica. Also, not being a rich person means, even sleeping in one scaled replica remains a […]

I’m Envious That Today’s Juniors Get To Sleep On This Awesome X-Wing Bed

Kids today are so fortunate. Of course, that’s provided that they have doting parents who have the disposal income to drop for things like the Star Wars X-Wing Bookcase Bed from Rooms To Go. The Star Wars X-Wing Bookcase Bed is exactly what it says it is: it is a bed with integrated bookcase and […]

Thanks To Yaasa Adjustable Bed, You Can Do A Lot More Things On Bed

Here’s a bed for folks who spent a hell lot of time on it. When I said “hell lot of time,” I mean to say you probably eat breakfast, watch TV, read a book, or do whatever, on it – on top of the routine lazing and sleeping. The Yaasa Adjustable Bed, as it is […]

Dear Human’s Transforming Furniture Is Secured By Elastic Bands

A guest room complete with proper bed is a luxury tiny apartments cannot afford and hence, a sofa/bed hybrid presents itself as the ideal solution. But similarly, not everyone who lives in small apartments remain in one place; some tend to move from city to city, and often with their furniture. That said, easily movable […]

Car Travel Inflatable Bed Turns Your Car’s Back Seats Into A Proper Bed

During a vacation at Grand Canyon donkey years ago, we had to spend the night in a rented wagon due to some misunderstanding in the accommodation. If we have the Car Travel Inflatable Bed, we wouldn’t have sore neck the next morning, or at least some of us won’t. The Car Travel Inflatable Bed is […]

Bundle Beds: Real Bed For Campings Packed Into An Easy-To-Carry Duffel

One thing many campers would probably agree on is, sleeping on hard ground separated by just a nylon sheet or sleep bag isn’t exactly a comfy experience. Unless you are Bear Grill, you probably want a more cosy experience. This is where Bundle Beds want to make the difference. Unlike most outdoor sleeping solutions, Bundle […]