Remember The Laysee Pillow? The pillow for eyewear users? Well, it turns out that there is a larger version, in the form of a mattress, for arms. That’s right. It’s a side sleeper’s mattress.

Sonu Mattress with Built-in Arm Slots

Called Sonu Sleep System, it is the world’s first mattress designed for side sleepers. I have never gotten my arm numb sleep sideway but if you do, you will appreciate the arm slot, called the comfort channel, in the mattress.

With the slot, you can rest on your side while letting your arm rests naturally. The mattress touts a patented Comfort Channel and Support Pillow system that molds to each sleeper’s desired position.

Sonu Mattress with Built-in Arm Slots

Sonu Sleep said this greatly reduces pressures that are unavoidable with all other mattresses without the channel.

You know what? I see this as a solution for couples who have the habit of hugging sleep. No more numb arm after burying it under your loved one for the night. I guess it is a yay?

Sonu Mattress with Built-in Arm Slots

But probably not for folks like me who have the sleeping habit is tossing and turning. My arm will probably end up on the surface at some point. I don’t believe the unconscious me will know to get the arm back into the channel.

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You can learn more about this pretty kick-ass creation over at, where you can also purchase a unit or how many you fancy but be warned, it does not come cheap.

Sonu Mattress with Built-in Arm Slots

The usual price for a twin XL is a hefty US$2,449 and can run up to as much as US$4,448 for a split king model.

However, we noted that Sonu Sleep is taking US$450 off the range, which means you are looking at a still hefty outlay of US$1,999-US$3,998. Though it is not clear how long this discount will last.

Sonu Mattress with Built-in Arm Slots

Images: Sonu Sleep.

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