when it comes to cutting jobs for home improvement, instead of buying multiple tools, the Crescent CMTS4 Switchblade Multi-Purpose Cutter presents as one tool that replaces four. how? well, like what its name suggests, by switching the blade, or in this case, the cutter out. with Crescent CMTS4 Switchblade Multi-Purpose Cutter, technically you will have four tools, but less clutter to your toolbox then actually having four cutting tools. get it? we are in the 21st century, there’s no reason that we should be cluttering things up, even when it comes to home improvement. no?

the blades included with the CMTS4 include a standard multi-purpose blade suitable for chopping up cardboard, rope, shingles, vinyl and plastics, a straight blade for cutting up ductwork, aluminum siding and even sheet metal, a cable cutter for trimming and stripping wires, and last but not least, a plier head that does, well, what a plier does. ok, perhaps, it is more of a three-in-one-cutter-plus-a-plucker or sort, and not so much of a four-in-one-cutter, still, it is nevertheless an awesome tool.

and the coolest aspect about the Switchblade? it comes with a belt holster so you can keep all the blades close to you when you working on a ladder or some restrictive space, thus saving yourself the hassle of climbing up and down, or trying to squeeze a huge metal box in an already tiny workspace, plus, it will most definitely make you the coolest DIY-er around. you can get yours for $34.42 a pop from Amazon.

Amazon via Gizmodo

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