luxury watchmaker Hublot has been rather busy lately, not only it has introduced a barrage of luxury watches, it has also unveiled the Hublot Specs Sunglasses. yes. Hublot. Sunglasses. it certainly sounds a little detract from its watchmaking roots, but not if you have been watching Hublot closely. the Hublot Specs Sunglasses is not the only non-watch product that the Switzerland company has dabbled in; it has collab in the All Black skis by Zai, a carbon racing bike by BMC, sledge made from wood, carbon and leather by ECAL, soundboard developed by JMC Lutherie, as well as a collaboration Hi-Fi headphones developed with Monster. the Hublot Specs, like the other collaboration efforts before it, is collaborated with the expert in their respective field to create “a product which is different, unique and pioneering.”

the Hublot Specs is developed with eyewear maker Marcus Marienfeld AG and optics specialist Zeiss. handmade in Switzerland, it features a unique and contemporary design, paired to high performance adaptable lenses and a high-tech titanium frame. the lenses are blue-grey CR-39 lenses from Zeiss for excellent sun protection and optical performance, while the an anti-reflective coating on the inner surface prevents internal reflections and water repellent, and a Tri-Flection coating on the outside aid in resistant against smudges. the frame is adjustable and features H-shaped screws and branding on each arm, and rubber insert at the end of each arm for added wear comfort. the Hublot Specs Sunglasses are available in two flavors: Titanium and Titanium Black, but actual availability and pricing remains unknown at this point.

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Hublot Specs Sunglasses

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