McLaren Senna. The exotic sports car been immortalized as a life-size LEGO sculpture and also a miniature LEGO model which model can buy. Now, you can add kiddie ride to the list too. Joining the McLaren P1 and 720S in McLaren’s range of children models is the McLaren Senna Ride-On Toy for Kids.

Unlike its life-size, road-legal counterpart, this one is open top and is powered by an electric drive. It features working dihedral doors, functional brake with brake light elements, infotainment system with USB port and SD card slot, and an authentic push-button start that triggers realistic McLaren Senna engine sounds.

McLaren Senna Ride-On Toy for Kids

McLaren Senna Ride-On Toy for Kids comes in five colors: black, white, Mira orange, Vega blue and Memphis red. Additionally, there is a sixth, special edition color in yellow and green accents that is of special significant. The colors are a nod to the colors on Ayrton’s race helmet. And no, it does not come with a kid’s racing helmet.

As usual, this newest kiddie ride from McLaren look absolutely adorable and also, unlike the real ride with hard-to-swallow price tag, the McLaren Senna Ride-On Toy for Kids can be yours for just £375 in the U.K. (around US$503).

McLaren Senna Ride-On Toy for Kids
McLaren’s own Formula 1 driver Lando Norris having a go with the tiny McLaren Senna

All images courtesy of McLaren.

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