LEGO Enthusiast Creates An Extremely Detailed 1/8th Scale LEGO Technic McLaren 720S

Fans of McLaren, especially the 720S, you will want to check out this LEGO Technic MOC 1:8 McLaren 720S. Why? Because, LEGO did not give you one and also, this one is probably better than what LEGO would have designed it anyways. Plus, there is a chance that you may get to build one yourself […]

McLaren 720S Ride-On Toy Boasts Its Own Onboard Infotainment System

What can I say? It is really a good time to be alive as kids… that’s if the kids have fairly rich parents. At 315 English pounds (US$398), the McLaren 720S Ride-On Toy costs just a fraction of an actual road-going McLaren 720S and a steal for a 720S even as a (super) kiddie ride. […]

Life-size LEGO McLaren Senna Has 400K Bricks, Is Heavier Than The Real Car

Well, McLaren and LEGO have done it again. The British sports car maker and the world famous Danish toy maker have come together again, this time to create a life-size replica of the limited McLaren Senna Road Legal Track Car. A total of 4,935 hours were invested to create this highly detailed model using LEGO […]

LEGO LEGO-lized McLaren Senna And The Result Was, Well, Not Quite Senna

The LEGO version of the McLaren Senna is far from the real deal, but at least, it lets you have a piece of the crazy ride from the British sports car maker without paying millions. There are trade offs, obviously. Like, how you won’t get pretty babes. Instead, attracting petrol heads. Not going to lie, […]

OnePlus Debuts OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition With Warp Charge 30, 10 GB RAM

Besides Xiaomi, OnePlus is likely the other handset maker with the most collab phones. The latest to join OnePlus’ growing portfolio of collabs is this: the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition. IMHO, this isn’t just any collab. It might be a carefully orchestrated one. Why? Because, Warp Charge 30. The slogan for this OnePlus 6T McLaren […]

McLaren Unveils McLaren Senna, Auctioned The Last Of It For €2 Mil

When a car is associated with the name Ayrton Senna, you know it is going to be a crazy ride. Well, you are ride because the McLaren Senna is indeed an insane, the most extreme McLaren road car to ever roll out of the British sports car maker yet. The best part about this car […]

Full-size LEGO McLaren 720S Finished By Fans At Goodwood Festival of Speed

At this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed that concluded earlier this month, McLaren had quite a bit to show off. Among the fleet, there was something particularly intriguing. Something a little more jagged than the British automaker’s usual offerings. It was a full-size LEGO McLaren based on the all-new beastly 720S. Yes. It was a […]

The Most Compact McLaren Yet Is Pure Electric And Its For Kids

Even established automakers will feel hard-pressed in competing with today’s leading maker of electric cars, Tesla Motors. Not McLaren Automotive though. The British sport car maker has plucked up the courage to go head-to-head with Tesla with its very own (and first ever) pure electric ride, well, albeit in a very much smaller proportion and […]

Would You Drop $12,000 For A 1/8 Scale McLaren P1 Model?

So you have been saving all this while for the gorgeous McLaren P1. As you joyously prepare yourself for the big day when you will drive your Toyota Prius to swop for a P1, you read on the news that P1 will no longer be made. It must have been hard for you as your […]

This is McLaren’s 3.2 Seconds Baby Supercar, the 570PS 570S Coupe

Entry-level is hardly the word that apply to supercar, but here it is the McLaren “baby” supercar, the 570S Coupe, which happens to be the British luxury sports car maker’s entry-level model. The 570S falls under the firm’s Sports Series, which joins the Super Series and Ultimate Series “to complete the three-tier McLaren range.” Taking […]