While toy makers strive to make toy guns like real guns, some gun maker is making real guns look like toy guns. Needless to say, the latter is not the brightest of ideas. In spite of the obvious, it does not stop one US gun seller from doing so.

LEGO-style Block 19 Semi-automatic Pistol

Culper Precision has got itself into the soup when it started selling a semi-automatic Glock with an exterior that resembles that of a LEGO brick-built toy. Indeed not the brightest of ideas, especially since not only shootings in stateside is on the rise in 2021, but a fair numbers of accidental shootings was by children.

Anyways, the company suffered the inevitable backlash and it have since removed the controversially tricked out Glock from its website. The colorful brick gun, which was aptly called Block 19, was sold for US$549-US$765.

LEGO-style Block 19 Semi-automatic Pistol

The latest news was, LEGO isn’t amused. The Danish toy maker has served up a cease and desist demand to the Utah-based gun seller. Not sure the removal was before or after they have received the letter from LEGO.

Culper Precision wasn’t the first to make real gun looked like toy gun. Cosmetic customization of personal arms have been a thing for a while now and Culper is certainly not the first to make a Glock look like a toy. However, given how popular LEGO is to many kids, it consequences could be very much deadlier. Surely, kids these wouldn’t have know what NES Zapper gun is, right? OK, may still not the best of ideas.

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Images: Culper Precision.

via CNA/The Guardian.

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