The Legend of Zelda Sold for US$870000

Looks like the pandemic hasn’t curb anyone’s desire to own a copy of NES classic. In a recent sale organized by Heritage Auctions, a copy of The Legend of Zelda was sold for a cool US$870,000.

The Legend of Zelda Sold for US$870000

The demand for untouched video games is insane. Just last year, a sealed copy of the Super Mario Bros. 3 was sold for US$156,000. It was a record then that wiped the previous closing of over US$100,000.

Apparently, Super Mario Bros. 3 record didn’t last long. In April this year, the record was broken by miles, by a copy of Nintendo’s original Super Mario Bros., which ended the sale at US$660,000.

Just three months later, The Legend of Zelda has snatched that crown. This latest record-breaking copy that landed the owner a pot of gold was reportedly of lower quality (in terms of conditions when compared to the previous record holder), but because of how rare it is (it is the only copy from one of the earliest production runs), the value was boosted through the roof.

The Legend of Zelda Sold for US$870000

Of course, there are more than meets the eye for this copy of The Legend of Zelda. For example, this particular copy was dubbed “NES R” (“R” is the registered mark that appears next to the NES logo on the box) and it signifies its production run dates back to as far back as late 1987.

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So, the take away here is, buy a game and don’t open it, and hope that some day it will land you a pot of gold. Then again, I doubt that anything released after the millennium will ever be considered sought after. I am a hopeless pessimist when it comes to this sort of thing.

Images: Heritage Auctions.

via Mashable.