we’d be lying to you if we say we are dying to do some serious farming works, but if we have such a handy helper like this build-able Seedbot, a seed spreading robot, then we might just pick up our hoes and shovels and get our delicate hands dirty. surprised by the lack of automated seeding machine, Technology Editor of Instructables randofo aka Randy Sarafan decided to design and make one himself. we shall leave the debate of as to whether there is a need for such a robot in our homes aside, but what we can tell you that we are totally impressed by the overall aesthetic of randofo’s Seedbot (i.e. debate not necessary, we want one!). and if Randy’s “gender” of “robot” is anything to go by, you know are following the right person for the instructions needed to creating this awesome machine.

what you need is to procure a bunch of materials as laid out on randofo’s Instructables page, may be add a bit of coding knowledge pertaining to Arduino Uno, and some real patience, and you are pretty much on your way to building your very own seed spreading robot. as for the instructions, you can choose to flip through the page-by-page instruction online, or you could hook up with an Instructables pro membership for $40 for two years, and download the detailed PDF files to have a go with the building. your choice. everything else is free, except for the parts and tools necessary for the build. unfortunately, there isn’t any video of it in action, but just take a few more look at the Seedbot in the gallery below – tell me you are not itching to build one.

Instructables via Uncrate

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