in the audiophile world, floor standing speakers reign supreme and there’s nothing like one hailing from the master of this segment: Bowers & Wilkins. the British audiophile maker has just announced their flagship loudspeaker, the Bowers & Wilkins CM10 Loudspeakers. probably the first thing that strikes you is the tweeter-on-top technology (with a new tweeter design, naturally), which frees up a tiny ween bit of space to make room for a decoupled FST midrange driver, along with three bass drivers for a complete breathtaking sonic coverage. btw, the CM10 is the first model in the CM Series to sport the tweeter-on-top configuration found in the acclaimed 800 Series Diamond speakers. with the tweeter relocation, B&W claimed it aids imaging and dispersion to create a more “natural and spacious sound.”

however, the relocation is not all to it; this little tweety also features a double-dome design with the edge of the aluminum dome strengthened with a second aluminum layer, replicating the main dome’s profile with the center part cut out, to which, B&W expect you to enjoy the highest of the frequency without breaking or distorting. unlike the CM9, the flagship CM10 gets an extra bass which gives yield to 50 percent more bass and reduces distortion, thus enabling a higher maximum output level (read: more potential to annoy your neighbors). finally, the all-important midrange gets a Kevlar treatment with a decoupled setup that is said to reduce audible cabinet coloration and produces a more spacious soundstage. the Bowers & Wilkins CM10 Loudspeakers will be available this August in two real wood veneers, Rosenut or Wengé, or a painted Black Gloss finish. and the price? expect to shell out $4000 for a pair. head past the jump for a few more drool-worthy images.

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