Nail Gun May Not Be A Weapon, But The NERF Nail Gun Blaster Is Here Anyways

NERF blasters inspired by actual or fictional weapons are a dime a dozen, but a NERF blaster inspired by a nail gun, most infamous for the portrayal as a deadly hand tool in movies? Well, you know what? Hasbro has that covered too. Meet the NERF Zombie Strike Survival System Nailbiter Blaster, a NERF blaster […]

NERF Fortnite Blasters, Super Soakers Available For Pre-order

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG, may be big, but its direct competition, Epic Games’ Fortnite, has an edge when comes to rolling in big bucks. Not only the latter lets you buy fancy costumes outright at reasonable price points, as opposed to loot boxes, the in-game guns are fun to be qualify as, you guessed it, […]

Toilet Paper Blasters Skid Shot Is When TP Meets NERF Meets Water Gun

To a grown person, toilet paper is merely for wiping ass, but to kids and the mischievous minds, it is a good material for prank which leads us to the ‘science’ of what happens when water is thrown into the mix; it turns a piece of crumbled TP very throw-able. The Toilet Paper Blasters Skid […]

This Rubber Band Version Of Han Solo’s Iconic Sidearm Shoots “Laser”

If you are a huge Star Wars fan who hope Han Solo’s iconic sidearm, the BlasTech Industries DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol, was real, well, we got good news for you. It is real. Well, almost. Slingshot Channel’s Joerg Sprave has made a rubber band version of the weapon used in the film. Now, you must […]

Japanese Maker Made A Working Cardboard Grenade Launcher

One Japanese Twitter user by the handle of @ryuji_maker has made an awesome grenade launcher entirely out of cardboard and disposable wooden chopsticks for some minor decorations (namely, the hand grip). @ryuji_maker himself is not sure which real-life weapon he has modeled this after, but we really don’t care because, it freaking works.

Second Overwatch NERF Blaster Revealed And It Is A D.Va’s Light Gun

Remember the NERF Rival Overwatch Reaper Edition Blaster that is based on the Reaper’s Wight Hellfire shotgun announced at this year’s SDCC? Well, here’s another one announced over at the ChinaJoy in Shanghai and it is, of course, the D.Va Light Gun. This is true to the heroine’s small arm, though clearly not in the […]

Startup Solved One Major Issue With Water Gun, Made It Very High Tech

The original Super Soaker pretty much reinvented water gun. It was considered the most advanced water gun of its time until it was usurped by swappable magazine variety and subsequently, the one that shoots water pellets, and now this: Spyra One. Billed as the next-generation water gun, Spyra One promised to deliver consistent pressure, right […]

Hasbro Wants To Sell You An Overwatch NERF Blaster… In 2019

Overwatch fans cosplaying as Reaper Wight will be glad to know that you need not cobble your own Reaper weapon of choice, the Hellfire Shotguns because, Hasbro and Blizzard Entertainment has come together to create one. There’s a caveat to it though: the blaster will only land in 2019 with no specific dates to it. […]

Adam Savage Turned A NERF Rival Nemesis Into A 1,000 Shot Beast

You know. I am actually glad that Adam Savage is done with Mythbuster. Why? Because, it is only then we get to see him getting the time to building and modding stuff that wows us. The latest build, a custom 1,000 Shot NERF Rival Nemesis, really had me drooling all over. For the uninitiated, the […]

How To Make An Electric Rotary Gun That Spits Out 50 Shots Per Second

Prepping for a BB gun battle? Well, if you want to have an edge over your competitions, then you will want to built this DIY Electric Rotary Gun. From the folks who shown you how to put together a drone catcher, comes this super sleek DIY Electric Rotary Gun that spits out 50 pellets a […]