NERF and Magic: The Gathering‘s experimental sub-brand, Secret Lair, have joined forces to bring fans something special: the limited edition NERF LMTD Lightning Lair dart blaster! This cool blaster not only looks the part with its lightning bolt design, but it also comes with 2 exclusive Lightning Bolt promo cards that you can actually play with.

NERF LMTD Lightning Lair Blaster

The Lightning Lair blaster is inspired by the classic card art and packs a punch with a triple-dart blast, mimicking the 3 damage from the Lightning Bolt card. You get 2 shells, each holding 3 darts, so when you fire, all 3 darts shoot at once. Loading is a breeze with the break-open barrel, and it’s got a pull-back priming handle for action.

Plus, it all comes in premium packaging, perfect for displaying in your Magic collection or for some outdoor NERF battles. The cards even have their own snazzy box that looks just like a Magic deck box. Like, how cool is that?

The NERF LMTD Lightning Lair Blaster is available for pre-order now for US$39.99 with delivery expected to start on December 01, 2023.

NERF LMTD Lightning Lair Blaster
NERF LMTD Lightning Lair Blaster

Images: Hasbro.

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