Fans of A Bathing Ape (BAPE) who celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival will be glad to know that BAPE has announced its take of mooncake for this year. As you may have noted, this year’s BAPE Limited Edition Mooncake Gift Box is presented in a lunchbox style aluminum box.

The interior is divided into four slots, each containing a piece of mooncake in its individual packaging. The tin case is decorated with BAPE’s signature camo in purple with a 3D BAPE head logo taking the center stage.

A silhouette of the BAPE head logo, albeit very abstractly, can be found stamped on top of the mooncake. No idea how it taste or what the flavor is (or are?).

BAPE 2020 Limited Edition Mooncake Gift Box

The BAPE 2020 Limited Edition Mooncake Gift Box is not for direct sale, though. However, it is offered free to BAPE customers upon spending a minimum of 4,000 HKD (about US$516) at BAPE Store Hong Kong and BAPE Kids Hong Kong, starting August 29th.

Damn. That’s a lot of money to drop in order to get a box mooncake with mystery taste. Then again, this is BAPE we are talking about. It shouldn’t be hard to hit the minimum target amount.

Images: Facebook (HK BAPE Store).

Source: Hypebeast.

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