McDonald’s Giga Big Mac

Big Mac has long been the signature and biggest burger of fast food chain McDonald’s, but if the 500+ calories is not even enough for you, well, then may we suggest to head down to Japan, cos’ McDonald’s Japan is serving up, wait for this… Giga Big Mac. As the product name implies, it is a giga-sized Big Mac (duh…), which McDonald’s Japan described as taller and wider and more importantly, packs “2.8 times more meat” over the regular Big Mac. The setup is as what you would expect of a Big Mac, sporting a five-storey buildup consisting of sesame seed top bun, middle and bottom bun with patties sandwiched in between, plus the usual garnishes of pickles, lettuce and slices of cheese. However, instead of two beef patties, the Giga Big Mac has four; two on each level.

McDonald’s Giga Big Mac
Grand set: 2x larger drink and 1.7 times more Fries

If that’s not filling enough, McDonald’s Japan is offering similarly oversized add-ons, which includes “Grand size” soft drink and French Fries to bump up your calories further. The drink, which appears to be Coca-Cola only, is said to be two times the size of a M-set and the Fries, packs 1.7 times more. Ala carte Giga Big Mac cost 740 Yen, while M-set goes for 1,000 Yen and for a 100 Yen more, you can upgrade to the “Grand” set that comes with the said “Grand size” coke and fries.

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Folks in Japan will be able to savor this ultimate Big Mac starting April 6, but it won’t hang around for long; according to a report, it will be a limited time offer which will end in late April and during the period of availability, limited numbers will be served at each location per day. Damn, all this writing about the Giga Big Mac making my stomach protest in hunger.

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