Good news, wine connoisseurs. If opening a bottle of wine, which inevitably exposed it to the cruel assault of air, makes it taste ‘bad’ in a couple of days, then Kuvée Smart Wine Bottle is your answer, or wine saviour, depending on how you look at it. For starter, Kuvée promised to keep your wine fresh but not exposing it to the air. How so? The magic lies in the connected wine bottle. Kuvée is more like a wine system that happens to be shaped like a wine bottle. It comes with an integrated touch LCD that details things like the act of pouring wine (duh!), tells you what wine is in it and how much more is left to drink, lets you in the backstory of the wine, rate the wine, and most importantly, enables you to order more of the same or different wine right off the bottle.

Kuvée Smart Wine Bottle

Unlike traditional wine bottle, you don’t discard it when you emptied the bottle; it uses wine cartridges to ensure the wine never gets a whiff of the air, keeping it fresh for up to 30 days. If you ask me, that’s one magical solution that will entice any serious wine drinker. The boon? Well, with Kuvée Smart Wine Bottle, you can ordered a bunch of different wine and opened as many as you like and not worry about air messing with their flavors for up to a month after ’opening’ cos’ the cartridges never actually opens, so to speak – thanks to the specially designed mouth and the dispensing system on the connected bottle.

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While it seems like a brilliant solution to degrading wine when it come in contact with air, we are a little skeptical about pouring different wine in one occasion with the same bottle. Wouldn’t the latter wine be tainted with the previous wine, however small the quantity might be, since it is using the same mouth? I am sure serious wine snobs will not fancy that.

In any case, Kuvée is getting a lot attention from wine drinkers in Stateside. Its Indiegogo campaign, which has a month left on the calendar, has broken $100,000 in monetary support from more than 500 backers. If you are convinced by Kuvée, you can pre-order it for an early bird price of $199 which includes the bottle plus four wines. If that runs out, you are looking at $299 for the same deal. Delivery is expected to happen in December this year.

Kuvée Smart Wine Bottle
Image by The Verge

Kuvée Smart Wine Bottle

Kuvée Smart Wine Bottle

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