get ready for Transformer 3 with the Transformer 3D masks

Transformer 3D Mask from Hasbro/Real-D 544x588px
(image credit: Hasbro/Real-D)

things that marketeers are willing to embarked on to make sure consumers are getting in the swing with their products. case in point: a Transformer 3D masks in the guised of either Optimus Prime or Bumble Bee with working Real-D 3D lenses integrated into them is making their way to the stores. the masks are the results of the collaboration between toy giant Hasbro and Real-D, in hope that movie-goers will have a more immersive 3D experience while catching Transformer 3 this July. it will be a ‘half-face’ mask, thus making sure you still can enjoy your popcorn while you are at the movie. the masks will go on sale this May and cost $9.99 a pop, which you can reuse it for most 3D movies. oh, did i mention that its for kids only? what a downer, isn’t it? i was so looking forward to it.


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