you have croc skin bag, why not a croc skin tiled bathroom?

Petracer Savana Collection main 544x480px
the sign of luxury doesn’t necessary means gold, diamonds and all sparkling stuff (sparkling wine included), it could very well be crocodile skins. why not? croc skins has been used for making bags, so how about porting its use in the form of crocodile textured bathroom tiles? the Savana collection from Italian firm, Petracer has just that for you and perhaps more. well, you don’t need to restrict yourself to just croc skin textured tiles, perhaps you like to consider the authentic looking zebra tiles or maybe for the wild-at-heart, the leopard print tiles? once you don up your bath with such a savanna-them, it is time to get some real savanna plants and flowers to go with it. we have a particular love for the orange crocodile skin textured tiles, cos we think they look really wild – just like us.

via Trendir

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