LEGO Millennium Falcon Guitar by General Kkaebok

This is a VERY old news. What you see here is a LEGO MOC Millennium Falcon Guitar by South Korean LEGO enthusiast who go by the Flickr name ‘General Kkaebok’.

We know it existed since 2016 and has been making the rounds both on the Internet and on publication in South Korea between 2016-2018. The dude who made this had started a YouTube back in 2018, but it has since shuttered. Why? God knows.

We managed to find a piece written by on the brothers brick’s archive. From there we learned that it is not a playable guitar, but the guitar strings are actual guitar strings.

LEGO Millennium Falcon Guitar by General Kkaebok

Apparently, this young lad made this out of a 2014 Classic Trilogy Millennium Falcon set. While it is not playable, it does have some cool factor, including light up cockpit.

The image of this guitar resurfaced recently, posted on Instagram by mocs_maker and more recently, by LEGO marketing team on Twitter. We checked out Kkaebok’s Flickr page and it turns out, he hasn’t been updating it since 2018. This man practically dropped off the radar.

Anyways, if you never seen it, now you saw. It is still gold after so many years… Damn. I too curious what has happened to that dude. Was he drafted into the South Korea army or something?

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Images: Flickr (General Kkaebok).