You heard that right. This is the Motorola Razr folding smartphone. Do not be alarmed. It is not November 2020 yet, so time did not slipped by you, nor did we travel back in time to November 2019.

Motorola Razr Gen 2 Folding Smartphone with 5G

In rather strange move, Motorola has decided to give its still new razr an early upgrade and this new device here is referred to as Motorola Razr Gen 2. And it has so much to shout about that it will make you feel like a genius for not getting the Razr when it was made available earlier this year.

For starter, it has 5G. If 5G isn’t your cuppa, there are a bunch of upgrades to entice you. Plus, it is also tad cheaper. That’s upgraded specs, 5G and cheaper. Not something that we come across often, doesn’t it?

Motorola Razr Gen 2 Folding Smartphone with 5G

Anywho, more on the price in a bit. It has a subtle design change too, including a glass back paired to an aluminum body, relocated power button, and a tweaked (and supposedly improved) folding mechanism that is rated for up to 200,000 times opening and closing.

The display is the same 6.2-inch OLED foldable touchscreen display and on the exterior there is a 2.7-inch touchscreen display that can function as a full-fledged, but very tiny, Android smartphone interface.

Motorola Razr Gen 2 Folding Smartphone with 5G

Other than the display, it is better in everything else. There is more RAM (6 GB), more storage (at 256 GB), better main camera (48 MP versus 16 MP) that has OIS and a ToF sensor, larger selfie camera (20 MP), a slight large capacity batter (2,800 mAh versus 2,510 mAh on the previous iteration) with 15W TurboPower charging, and a new chip, a Snapdragon 765G.

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And did mentioned that it is a dual-SIM device? It has a physical SIM slot and support another via eSIM. The previous gen is an eSIM single SIM device. Like the original we saw in February, Gen 2 device has no official IP rating also, but gets the same water repelling nano coating to keep light splashes out from its sensitive electronics.

Motorola Razr Gen 2 Folding Smartphone with 5G

The real deal sweetener here is, it is a whole 100 dollars cheaper than the first, going at US$1,399.99. If that’s not enough, it is not exclusive Verizon. You can get it unlocked and use it with any telco that supports its bands.

The new Razr will be starting in China and select EU markets with other markets to follow this Fall. Over at the U.S., it will be available unlocked this Fall at Best Buy, B&H Photo, and It will be available through AT&T and T-Mobile, , also this Fall.

Motorola Razr Gen 2 Folding Smartphone with 5G

All images courtesy of Motorola Mobility.

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