Technologies You Will Use as an MSN Graduate

Whether you are currently in a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Degree program or are looking to enroll soon, you are likely envisioning what your future career will look like. There will be a variety of nursing-related positions available to you as a graduate, and technology will be key to carrying out your role effectively. Here are different technologies you may come across as an MSN graduate.

As a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
If you obtain a master of science in nursing, one of the careers you could pursue is a psychiatric nurse practitioner. In this job, you would work at the side of mental health professionals to treat psychiatric illnesses, such as depression and bipolar disorder.

Psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners use technologies to help treat patients who are in remote areas. For example, you might use smartphones that have apps to build patient profiles and generate unique treatment plans for them. This tech provides nursing practitioners with the ability to deliver treatments to remote areas or those that are not accessible.

As a Nursing Informatics Specialist
Technology is a central part of the nursing informatics specialist. By combining tech with nursing info, this professional can advance patient care. As tech evolves, so will this job position as private and public medical facilities move to modernize healthcare provisions.

With an MSN, you will have the academic credentials to pursue a career that focuses on providing accurate data to enable healthcare providers to make better decisions. For example, in hospitals and senior care homes, you would choose the best system to use for the unique patient, as well as provide system development, policy, and maintenance. If other uses need help using it, you can provide that too. You might work in a hospital or an academic setting instead; alternatively, you might be a consultant.

In A Career As a Family Nurse Practitioner
Perhaps instead, you intend to graduate with a Master of Science in Nursing and provide primary care for individuals and families. From performing diagnostic tests to developing treatment plans for patients and conducting exams, a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) has many important activities to do in a day. You might work in a hospital, school, or a doctor’s office.

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Delivering healthcare services is easier for an FNP who has access to telehealth. This technology includes devices and programs that provide direct or remote services to patients. Telehealth has emerged as a great alternative to an in-person visit between an FNP and patient. It has clear communication, improves collaboration, and provides more time for patient care as there is not the travel time to and from appointments.

As a Clinical Nurse Researcher
If you go on to become a clinical research nurse after graduating from an MSN program, then you can expect to study a range of features of the disease, health, and healthcare. By creating and applying scientific studies, your work has the potential to improve health and health outcomes. You may even publish the study results.

In this field, you will need to have a firm understanding of computers and specialized software. Good communication is also necessary between the study team and other professionals. Nursing researchers are also connecting on social media to help one another problem solve and find other nursing processionals to motivate them.

An Exciting Future
The nursing future is one in which technology is sure to continue to be an important part. It is exciting to know that more changes will come as new devices come to the field. From telecommunications to medical science, there is a lot to look forward to in nursing, no matter what part of it you are involved in.

Tech will be a big part of your life already when you go back to school for your Master of Science in Nursing degree. If you take an online MSN program, then you can conveniently submit assignments using your laptop or desktop computer, as well as studying when you have time in your day.

This online education path is often easier for adults than attending on-campus classes at specific times. Being able to hold down a job while attending school can provide you with a steady income as well as the ability to take care of kids or aging parents.

Overall, technology can make the nursing professional more powerful, starting with a nursing education online. You can look forward to a workplace that updates and expands along with new tech innovations to provide better outcomes to patients over time.

Featured photo by Joshua Mcknight from Pexels.