The Tech That’s Driving Mobile Gambling Growth

Mobile gambling is a major industry, bringing in millions upon millions of pounds a year globally. It’s also an industry that’s growing – set to be worth almost 75 billion dollars by 2023. Part of this is because of the increased ownership of smartphones across the world, but it’s also significantly aided by new technologies […]

The Slow Mo Guys’ New Video Shows You Why Wearing A Mask Can Help To Stop The Spread Of COVID-19

Still not convinced that a face mask can help in curbing the spread of the coronavirus even after watching the Schlieren imaging on how droplets travel? Well then, perhaps Gavin Free’s of The Slow Mo Guys may be able to help to convince you.

How Does EDI Work to Improve the Overall Productivity of a Business

EDI or Electronic Data Interchange has been in use for many years. Electronic Data Interchange is a computer to computer exchange of standard business data and documents in electronic format among companies in the most basic form. There are two significant elements in basic Electronic Data Interchange.

7 Essential Qualities Every Teacher Needs

A good teacher can have an incredible impact on a student’s life, affecting their outlook on life, their career choices, and their academic success. On the other hand, a bad teacher can harm a student for years. This is why we need the best people possible in the classroom to inspire the next generation of […]

What Technologies Will You Use As An MSN Graduate?

Whether you are currently in a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Degree program or are looking to enroll soon, you are likely envisioning what your future career will look like. There will be a variety of nursing-related positions available to you as a graduate, and technology will be key to carrying out your role […]

When is Region Locking in Online Gaming Justified?

When multiplayer gaming first appeared on the mainstream internet, it was just as chat rooms had afforded us: the ability to engage with people all over the world, in a way that meant we’d never go without a game. At least, this was the thought. In reality, this was a mistaken idea that many of […]

What are the Most Important Factors When Comparing Smartphones?

As major smartphone developers are in a race for market share, it is imperative that their flagship devices have stand out features. Any competitive difference the device has to offer could mean if a company will emerge as the winner. Lets not forget about pricing too, but that’s another story for another day.