Richard vs Barack Kiteboard and Foilboard Challenge

When you are the world’s most powerful person, AKA the POTUS, you hardly can do anything you fancy outside of official work without secret service staff swarming around. Life as a POTUS is never private and everything POTUS does, it will be scrutinized to the core as Drumpf has learned. So, when the 44th President of United States finally passed the reins to the 45th President, he finally get to let his hair down completely and without restraint, even under the former President-entitled secret service protection. By the invite of UK billionaire, founder of Virgin brand, Richard Branson, the former world’s most powerful person along with wife Michelle hit up British Virgin Islands (AKA Necker islands) for a well-deserved true break he never had for the last eight years.

Richard vs Barack Kiteboard and Foilboard Challenge
Man vs man: Richard challenged Barack see who can do better in their respective water sports unfamiliar to them.

During his time there, Obama finally get to do water sports again – something which he hasn’t done since his last surf at Hawaii just before he became the President. And it was also during this time, a challenge to see who (Richard or Barack) can do better in water sports was agreed upon. Since Obama is clueless about Kiteboarding and Richard, on the other hand, knew nothing about foilboarding, the two agreed that both were to have two days to get a hang of the respective sports and on the final day, they set out to see who can do better.

No prize for guessing who was the victor here, but this wasn’t about winning. It was about a well-deserved person getting a truly well-deserved break, and perhaps more importantly, about the man getting back to being himself without the worries of the world. You can catch the proceeding of this uplifting event in the embedded video below, courtesy of the chief of Virgin, Richard Branson.

Images: Virgin/Jack Brockway.

Virgin via Uncrate.