Lomphonten Lomphontan is a regular Thai dude who live with his pet cat, a tabby named Achi. But here’s the thing: Lomphontan found himself struggling to breathe every night when he sleeps and yet, he isn’t diagnosed with sleep apnea or asthma, and he most definitely isn’t allergic to cat which the headline may have prompted you to think that would be the case.

Lomphontan wasn’t sure why either and so, he decided to film himself sleeping and see what was up. Perhaps, it was a case of alien or some supernatural causes? Then he saw it. It was Achi’s doing. For every night, Achi would hop onto the bed, take a good look at his deeply asleep master before proceeding to suffocate him by slumping over Lomphontan’s entire face. There. Mystery solved.

Man Suffocate By His Pet Cat Every Night
Achi: turn over already so I can suffocate you, master!

From what the screenshot of the footage, it most certainly looks like Achi was only looking at its owner not because it wants to, but it was waiting for Lomphontan to turn upside so it could proceed with the deed. It sure looks like Lomphontan have himself a murderous feline. Also, Lomphontan appears to be a person who sleeps like a log.

Man Suffocate By His Pet Cat Every Night
There’s alien facehugger and then there is the cat facehugger.

According to The Dodo, Lomphontan said he won’t stop Achi from doing the act “as he’d like especially after knowing that his cat just wants affection.” Is really, though, Lomphontan? I mean, I can’t help but to think this cat may have some other agenda after see these photos:

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Not going to lie. This bizarre incident was strangely adorable, but yet it also feels somewhat creepy at the same time. Creepy because, clearly this cat have a fetish for human faces. And that’s a less sinister way of putting it than it being a murderous feline. Just kidding. Cats are awesome. So are dogs. Speaking which, dogs better not have this fetish. Imagine a Great Dane does that too. That’s definitely going to be a case of cerebral hypoxia waiting to happen.

Images: Lomphonten Lomphontan/Facebook.

Source: Says.

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