It is always challenging for small businesses to compete with the larger brands in their industry. Large companies have access to many more resources, a larger reputation, and an allure that is difficult to compete against when you are a small company.

With this said, there are ways in which you can use technology to level the playing field. When you are intelligent with the way that you use technology, you can compete with the industry leaders and even excel in some areas.

So, whether you are just starting out or you have been struggling to compete for a while, then read on for five ways in which you can start competing by using tech.

How To Use Tech to Compete with Bigger Brands
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Automate Repetitive Tasks
Automation is no longer deemed a futuristic type of technology, and it can be used in many ways in all industries. Automating repetitive tasks and processes can help your company to operate at maximum efficiency, reduce errors and stress, and free up time for your staff. This, essentially, gives your company a helping hand and allows you to compete at a higher level.

Improve Social Media Usage
Social media is an excellent tool for small businesses and, when used correctly, can give you an edge over the bigger brands that often struggle with social media. You need to use this platform to promote your brand and products while also humanizing your business and building relationships with your followers.

You can do this by creating and sharing engaging content geared towards your target customer, by interacting with people on comments and using appropriate humor to humanize the brand.

Use Tech To Provide Instant Customer Service
Consumers will always favor brands that offer fast and helpful customer service, and this is an area that many larger brands struggle with. This means that offering instant and dedicated customer service can give your small business a competitive edge, and you can do this with live chat on the company website, messaging on social media and by providing a phone number.

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Choose A High-Quality Web Host
In order to compete, you need to have a high-quality website that is fast, responsive and secure. This means that you need to choose a good web hosting company and people often compare SiteGround Vs Bluehost as these are two of the most trusted hosts each with around 2 million customers. Both offer excellent website performance, and so it will largely come down to preference, however it is helpful to know the differences between the two.

Use Data To Make Decisions
Data plays a huge role in modern day business and those that know how to utilize data will be able to improve and succeed. Data analytics tools allow a small business to gather, analyze and interpret enormous sets of data which can help to identify trends and predict behavior which will allow you to make intelligent, informed business decisions which reduce risk.

It is difficult for a small business to compete with a much larger brand, but it is possible thanks to technology. Combine the above strategies together, and you will start to compete at a much higher level and build a positive reputation which will only help to drive further success.

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