1:26 Scale Seinfeld Official Studio Set Replica

You know what they say about all good things must come to an end and sadly, such was true for the hugely (and my personal all-time favorite) American sitcom Seinfeld which ran for 180 episodes, spanning 9 seasons on NBC. If you are like me, still reminisce about this good old comedy of the 90s, well then, we have good news for you. In addition to the DVD/Bluray collection you may have already amassed, there is one more thing you can acquire to remind you of this comedy gold in television’s history: a 1:26 scale replica of the Seinfeld official studio set.

1:26 Scale Seinfeld Official Studio Set Replica
A picture of the original studio set and…

Working with the original production designer of Seinfeld, Thomas Azzari, miniature urban sculpture artist Alan Wolfson faithfully recreated the iconic set featuring over 100 unique miniature elements, ranging from the furniture to light fixtures, and even a working front door which I mostly remembered it as the door that Kramer always come barging in, often speaking incoherently. Ah, good’ol Kramer! This must-have for true Seinfeld fans look exceeding like the actual set, only smaller, thanks to the use of real metal, plastic, wood and even fabric, for realism and also because it has the magic touch of maestro himself who painstakingly hand painted and crafted it.

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1:26 Scale Seinfeld Official Studio Set Replica
the miniature replica, pictured at the same angle.

The 1:26 Scale Seinfeld Official Studio Set Replica, which measures a still-large 16.5 x 11.5 x 6.5 inches (42 x 29 x 17 cm), is open for pre-order at a special price of $399.99, if ordered by March 1, 2017. After which, it will cost a 100 bucks more. Only 5,000 sets are available and also, pre-order will come with a hand-numbered commemorative card which is a piece of the wood of the actual door, straight from the Seinfeld Archives. So, yes. Sadly, the door to ‘apartment 5A’ was broken down, just so fans like you could have piece of it.

Images: Seinfeld Official Studio Set Replica.

Seinfeld Official Studio Set Replica via Laughing Squid.