Here Are Some April Fool’s Day Prank 2024 Part Two

We have to shut up and give it to the smart devices that have been listening (or keylogging) to us. After we told you about the three hilarious April Fool’s Day pranks by Razer, LEGO, and Scalextric, and said how this year is pretty quiet on pranks, we saw more pranks across every platform we have visited.

The pranks we came across include Scotch – the maker of the world’s most adhesive tapes, 7-Eleven, IKEA, Sony Mobile, ASUS, ChipAhoy, Pro-Ject, and a collaborative prank by IGN and Nintendo. Upcoming phone maker TECNO has pulled one unconvincing but still fun prank and I sure did not expect Shonen Ric to have one for the world too.

We also came across G-Fuel’s hilarious prank product which now claims it has been “sold out”. G-Fuel’s prank has to be the one with the most effort. Anyhoo, we made a list below along with the links for you guys to check out.

7-Eleven – 7-Select Big Bite Hot Dog Sparkling Water – like, do we need to say more??? LoL!

7-Eleven - 7-Select Big Bite Hot Dog Sparkling Water

ASUS ROG – ROG Mjolnir power bank that harnesses the power of the sun to charge your devices and “illuminate your path with the lightning summoned by it.”

ASUS ROG - ROG Mjolnir Power Bank

Chip Ahoy – Chips Ahoy Lip Scrub “Chewy”, Chips Ahoy Body Lotion, and Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookies Hand Cream.

Chip Ahoy: Coming to Stores Never

G-Fuel – Energy Diapers for Adults. It is exactly what it says: a diaper for gamers so you do not have to break your focus going for bathroom breaks.

G-Fuel - Energy Diapers for Adults

IKEA – The INVSBÅL Collection which is basically invisible furniture. LoL! Wonder Woman will be digging this collection!

IKEA - The INVSBÅL Collection

IGN/Nintendo – Virtual Boy Pro, a wearable device that turns a regular Switch into, you guessed it, a wearable VR headset

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Scotch – Scotch Whisky. Well, it’s about time the Scotch brand made this joke! Imagine a whisky by the world’s most famous adhesive tape maker! I hope the taste isn’t too sticky!

Scotch - Scotch Whisky

Sony Mobile – Sony Xperia 5 V micro. Because, good things come in small packages.

Sony Mobile - Sony Xperia 5 V micro

Shonen Ric – “Boys Backpack” [JP] – a dedicated backpack for stuffing in your favorite Shonen Ric/X-Plus toys! It was meant to be a prank announcement saying Shonen Ric is getting into apparel starting with this bag. It may be a joke but it could be a real product.

Shonen Ric - “Boys Backpack”

Starlink – Posted on X revealing that it has brought reliable high-speed internet to Mars. LoL!

Starlink Internet on Mars

TECNO – TECNO Mobile has announced it has opened a TECNO Store on Mars. I know, it is obvious but it is also good old fun. A for effort.

TECNO Store on Mars

Pro-JectPro-Ject NON Vinyl Box S3 Ultra. If the mouthful product name hasn’t already given it away as a prank, then the fact that this device takes out the “vinyl” out of vinyl enjoyment should be a big enough hint that it is a joke. Not going to lie. I smiled.

Pro-Ject - Pro-Ject NON Vinyl Box S3 Ultra

So, there you have it, some of the funniest April Fool’s Day we have found today. The day’s ending and so hope these pranks made your day however good or shitty it may be so far.

All images belong to the respective brands and companies.