Pre-order $1,200 Sony Xperia 1 II And Get Free Sony Wireless Noise Canceling Earbuds

Sony’s new flagship smartphone, the Sony Xperia 1 II, announced earlier this year is finally going to be available in stateside. Sony has revealed that pre-sale will start on June 1st, with shipping scheduled to happen starting July 24.

16-Lens Camera Partners With Xiaomi And Sony For Multi-camera Phones

I am sure you remember Light, the maker of the mind-boggling 16 lens camera called L16 – the camera that has the potential of triggering a panic attack with trypophobia? Just last year, the young camera maker who have some prominent investors, including the likes of Leica and Softbank, announced that it is venturing into […]

Here’s A Bunch Of Sony Mobile Smartphones You Need To Know About

Man, it has been a while since we hear from Sony Mobile. The last we heard from Sony Mobile was the Xperia XZ3 and that was way back in August 2018. Now, if you haven’t already heard (and we don’t blame if you haven’t because the horde of new devices being announced in recent weeks), […]

Sony Unveiled Three Flagship Handsets, Including The World’s First 4K Display Smartphone

What’s the use of a mobile device that records in 4K, but can’t take full advantage of the recorded eye-watering footages, right? Well, with the Sony’s new Xperia X5 smartphones, specifically, the X5 Premium, you can not only capture glorious 4K videos, but also play them back on its equally stunning 5.5” 4K Triluminos IPS […]

Sony Xperia 3+ is 6.9mm Thin, Packs a Lower Capacity Battery That Promised to “Last Up to 2 Days”

We did not do any market research or survey, however, thanks to the need to be on the phone 24/7 of the general population, I have managed to notice that there are a lot of Samsung being used, along with Apple small devices. Only in some rare occasion do I witness a Sony or any […]

Sony Xperia Z2 Waterproof Smartphone

Sony will be beating Samsung in outing the flagship Android phone of its own next month. billed as the world’s best camera and camcorder (yes. camcorder!) in a waterproof smartphone, the Sony Xperia Z2 is packed with delightful features, including a 5.2-inch Full HD TRILUMINOS display for mobile with Live Color LED…

Sony SmartBand SWR10 with Lifelog App

seriously, how many people are into logging everything they do each day? i, for one, am not a fan of such ‘journalist’ approach to my life, but for everyone else who does, there is the Sony SmartBand SWR10 with Lifelog App to help to do just that. the SmartBand is essentially an activity…

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet

if our smartphone can be made waterproof as standard, why not the tablet? well, if you have been wishing for that to happen, it has and that tablet is the Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet. billed as the world’s slimmest and lightest waterproof tablet, the Z2 is built to IP55/IP58 ratings, making it impervious to dust…

Sony Z Ultra Google Play Edition

before the Nexus 5 was announced, there was talk about the possibility of Sony being the maker of the next Nexus smartphone, well, it turns out that LG was still the company of choice for the Mountain View folks when it comes ‘affordable’ handset. fortunately, fans of pure Android experience and Sony will not be left out in the cold, now that Sony has its own ‘pure Android experience’ smartphone