Motorola Partnered With MINNIDIP For Nostalgic Inflatable Chair To Mark 16 Years Of Razr

Motorola now has its name on a piece of furniture. I kid you not. Announced a few weeks ago is a collaborative chair – an inflatable chair, with luxury inflatable designer (yup, that’s a thing) MINNIDIP.

Motorola one 5G: “Sub-$500” 5G Handset With A Ring Light-equipped Macro Camera

For those looking for a 5G handset that won’t cost an arm or a leg and not from a Chinese handset maker, then perhaps the new Motorola one 5G may fit the bill. OK. Technically, Motorola is a Chinese-owned company, but that’s not the point. It is still an American brand.

Motorola edge+: SD865, 108 MP Triple Camera And 90 Hz Display With Absurd Curves

If you are a curve display hater, you won’t be liking the new motorola flagship device, edge+, which has ridiculous curves. And I thought waterfall display is kind of a Chinese handset maker thing. Oh wait. Never mind.

Thanks To Motorola, A Stylus-equipped Budget Smartphone Is Coming Your Way

Not many phones in the market come standard with a stylus and as such, a phone with a stylus almost always indicate premium price tag. Not if Motorola can help it. The American handset maker is dishing out two budget smartphones to celebrate the brand’s 100 million moto g smartphones sold.

Latest Motorola One, Motorola One Hyper, Gets 32 MP Pop-up Selfie Camera, Costs Under $400

We are living in a state where escalating smartphone prices. Sure, there are cheaper options, but usually those have lackluster specs, or they are devices China brands which are not easy to get your hands on. Fortunately, like BLU Products, Motorola still makes good handset at a reasonable price.

New Motorola Smartphones Has Long Battery Life And Macro Photography

If you are in the market for a smartphone with a tight budget while not cutting corners, Motorola has you covered with Motorola one macro, moto g8 plus, moto g8 play and moto e6 play smartphones. Granted, not all the standout features are packed into one device.

This Sci-Fi-ish Baby Monitor Does More Than Just Monitoring Your Bundle Of Joy

Baby monitor. There’s no shortage of them in the market. But the thing is, if look around, most of them are nothing more than video cameras that lets you see you baby. Not the Motorola Baby Halo+ from Binatone Global, an official licensee for Motorola Baby products, though.