Motorola one vision Is Currently Being Sold On Amazon For $400

While the market is coming to terms with inflated smartphone prices, many have forgotten that there are still made in America affordable devices. The Motorola one vision is one such budget device announced by the American smartphone maker earlier last month.

Motorola’s New Moto Z4 Is A 4G Phone That’s Upgradable To 5G

Motorola has revealed the new Motorola Moto Z4 which continues the Z family’s tradition of modularity. For once, I am incline to think that a Motorola Moto Z device, or any phone at all, is future-proof device, or at least near future-proof – thanks to 5G moto mod. With the 5G moto mod, users will […]

Rendered Images And Video Of Motorola Razr Folding Phone

We do not know who originated these renders of the supposed Motorola Razr Folding Phone that Motorola is rumored to be introducing. We do know that the renders were posted on /leaks, but we also hear that they were making the rounds on Weibo prior to appearing on /leaks. Weibo is the confusing source. If […]

Here Are Three New Google Project Fi-friendly Smartphones

Google’s Project Fi is a mobile virtual network that offers user with simple and fast wireless experience when roaming at no extra cost, but as you may know, not all phones are so-called Fi-friendly. Only Fi-ready phones can “intelligently” shift among mobile networks and WiFi to allow you to experience Fi services, at home or […]

Motorola Pushes On With Modularity With New Moto Z3 Play

If you believe that no one phone fits all lifestyles, then the Motorola Moto Z3 is for you. Continuing the tradition of modularity, i.e. snap-on add-ons, is this latest handset from the American handset maker touts a large 6-inch FHD+ edge-to-edge display with an 18:9 aspect ratio, dual depth-sensing rear cameras, up to 40 hours […]

Polaroid insta-share Printer Turns Moto Z2 Into An “Instant Camera”

The strongest selling point of Motorola Moto Z2, like the original Z, is its modularity. You can add attachments to the back of the device to turn it into a portable speaker, a 360 camera, a portable gaming device, a projector, a camera with True zoom, and now, an instant photo printer and it has […]

Motorola moto x4 Is Sleek, IP68 Rated, Lets You Use Alexa Without Unlocking

With all the hustle and bustle over the new iPhones, new Google Phone and even more recently, the ZTE dual screen phone and Huawei AI-ready Mate devices, it is easy to forget that there are other good handset makers out there. One of these ‘good handset makers’ would be Lenovo-owned Motorola Mobility. Speaking of which, […]

Motorola Moto Z, Motor Z Force And Modular Moto Mods Smartphone

Remember LG G5, the world’s first commercially available modular smartphone? Well, Motorola has its own iteration too, called Moto Mods (part of the Moto Z family announced) and the Lenovo-owned cellphone maker is referring it to as a transforming phone, not modular, but it is essentially the same concept. With the new Moto Mods, along […]

We Wish Motorola Handcrafted Leather Selfie Stick is a Real Thing

Can taking selfie ever be classy? Apparently so, if you have the Motorola Selfie Stick. This purported accessory is not just any selfie stick; it is of real wood, handcrafted by master craftsman in their respective field, namely wood working and leather, and the result is an uber chic piece of accessory that, after watching […]

If You Hate Your Telco, Then You’re Going to Love This WiFi-exclusive Phone Service Called Freewheel

If one) you have been lamenting about the ridiculous charges telco levied on you and two) confident that you will have access to WiFi hotspot throughout the day, then Cablevision’s Freewheel WiFi-exclusive Phone Service may be just be right up your alley. As the service name in implies, it relies on WiFi to carry out […]