Posable Millennium Falcon Desk Lamp Will Keep Your Desk Away From The Dark Side

Millennium Falcon. It turns out that the drive unit of the hunk of junk that made Kessel Run in 12 parsecs makes for a pretty impressive lighting. But not everyone is is capable of making the LEGO 75192 UCS Star Wars Millennium Falcon “pull the Gs” and putting out some a spectacular light show from […]

Amazing LEGO MOC Millennium Falcon From 2015 Got Updated

Not sure if you remember the 7,500-piece LEGO MOC Millennium Falcon by Hannes Tscharner, AKA Marshall Banana, we saw in 2015. That LEGO MOC of one of the most iconic Star Wars spaceships absolutely blew my mind and now, he has done it yet again. In his relentless pursuit for a movie-accurate LEGO Millennium Falcon, […]

Here’s Another Star Wars Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker Money Can Buy

“Han Solo, I am Captain of Millennium Falcon. Chewie here said you are looking for a fulfilling breakfast?” Well, fulfilling breakfast you will get with this Star Wars Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker and mind you, this is not the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker that made the round on the Internet last fall. This […]

Air Hogs’ Giant Size Millennium Falcon XL Drone Has Han And Chewie Onboard

This is not the puny version from Air Hogs we seen three years ago. It is certainly not as detailed the official battle drones doled out by Propel, but this gigantic Star Wars Millennium Falcon XL Drone from Air Hogs wins with size. I mean, just look at this thing. It is huge! Measuring a […]

I Wish I Could Bring This LEGO Millennium Falcon Pedicab Home!

You may have seen this “Millennium Falcon” on May the 4th, Star Wars Day, plying Bryant Park in NYC. If you have and had ridden it, I am green with envy. This LEGO Millennium Falcon Pedicab (AKA cycle rickshaw) is, as the name suggests, a pedicab spruced up with the image of young Han Solo’s […]

Multicolored LEGO UCS Millennium Falcon Is Bold, Loud And Super Cool

Now we know how sought after the LEGO UCS Millennium Falcon is. Apart from being an elusive set so many fans clamor, it also command a hefty price tag that, TBH, not everyone can or willing to shell out. Building your own is one way to get this iconic sci-fi cargo freighter that can do […]

DIY 29-foot Millennium Falcon Roof Decoration Is The Best Way To Welcome Star Wars:The Last Jedi

The Powell family and his neighborhood in Lafayette, California must be a super fan of Star Wars as judge by the giant Millennium Falcon replica looming over their roof. The 29-foot (8.4 meters) long, 700 pounds (318 kilograms) Millennium Falcon is not of space age material, obviously, but mainly of wooden frame and PVC piping, […]

This 200K+ LEGO Bricks Re-creation Of Battle Of Hoth Totally Blew My Mind

How much are you a fan of Star Wars? The original trilogy, not the newer episodes. You know what. Don’t answer that because, most likely you won’t be as huge as a fan than Ben, Ferroh12 and Brick_Phil. How so? Because these three person have gotten together to create what could be the most detailed […]

Did Disney Did A Bad Job In Trying To Hide The Millennium Falcon?

What you see here is a Millennium Falcon and nope, it wasn’t parked among the wastes of the desert planet Jakku. Neither was it in Rub al Khali desert near Abu Dhabi, or Hollywood backlot. No, wait. It was actually on a backlot, just not in stateside. In fact, it was uncovered to be parked […]