Major fans of LEGO Star Wars, this is a deal you would not want to miss! We heard Amazon will be taking 40 percent off the LEGO 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon. Yes. It is that lovely set! And also yes! 40-freaking-percent! That’s over 300 dollars in saving if anyone’s doing the math.

Apparently, our source got a tip off from someone who indicated that this crazy discount will happen at 12AM pacific time, November 29, Friday. That’s strike of the clock for Friday which is no more than two hours from now.

Amazon LEGO UCS Millennium Falcon Discount

If you are still awake and reading this, you will want to go ahead and set up your purchase information on Amazon, pronto, so you can simply hit buy and pick up this set for a steal.

Before you proceed, you will want to take note that the discount is only applicable to the set sold by Amazon. So you need to make sure it is not from other sellers. One way to make sure it is the item, make sure you see these words “ships from and sold by” under the “Buy Now” section on the right.

To play safe, you are on the correct item page, you will want to follow THIS LINK. Last thing to note is, this only applies to U.S. shoppers.

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Sorry international folks. We are just as disappointed.

Amazon LEGO UCS Millennium Falcon Discount

Images: LEGO.

Source: FBTB.

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